Investment management services

Eagle Space Group provides day-to-day property management services for your investment in real-estate including homes, units, office space, accommodation and hospitality dwellings, land and manufacturing facilities. This includes maintenance, renting to third parties in your behalf, and other aspects of property management. We provide these services in line with your needs and requirements. We also ensure your compliance to local legal environment specific to markets of south east Europe.

Our goal is to deliver service and long-term returns for your portfolio while minimizing your exposure to risk. We have an investment management approach that aims to balance your investment goals with potential returns, risk factors and tax consequences. Our service is designed around your investment strategy & objectives. As well as asset allocation as designed by your financial adviser and within agreed scope, budget and time-frames.

We specialize in clients looking for investment opportunities in emerging markets in south east Europe. Eagle Space Group has developed strategic alliances with government agencies and trusted financial institutions in this part of the global financial market, ensuring that your investment is protected from risks.

Our investment management services are available for private clients, pension funds, foundations, estates and trusts. We employ a team-based active management process that includes your Portfolio Manager.

We will connect you with relevant banks, insurance companies and other financial institutions with an aim to protect your investment and bring the right financial products to your portfolio.

Eagle Space Group will launch several investment project proposals to the Australıan and global ınvestment communıty ın collaboratıon wıth partners from south east Europe.The detaıls about some of the projects are avalıable here:
K-Dıstrıct, Belgrade
St Regıs Tower, Belgrade
Metropolıtan BW, Belgrade
Verde, Aqua and Simfonija BW, Belgrade