About Eagle Eye Media

Eagle Eye Media provides media and market research services under the Australian-Serbian owned Eagle Space Group.

We focus on non-EU markets which cover an audience of some 30+ million people regionally, plus a broader, worldwide audience.

Eagle Eye Media has an excellent network of media professionals, independent experts and partner organisations, specialising in strategic analysis, security, economics and international affairs, including trade and investments.

We focus on assisting clients to find solutions for increasing market footprint and sales, and enables them to successfully implement their PR and other business strategies.

Eagle Eye Media offers balanced perspectives on current affairs and world issues, for local and regional media outlets, sourcing from and collaborating with international organisations, such as NATO, EU and others.

Specialized Solutions for Your Media, Radio, TV or Online Channel

We provide solutions for your programming content and production, logistics solutions for your visiting teams in Belgrade, plus specialist talent, allowing you to focus on commercial and creative work for your program, network or media organization.

Our subject matter expert talent has a dynamic on-screen presence and will help you bring the right mix of perspectives and attitudes (and audience ratings) to your program in discussions about defense, security, geopolitical and diaspora affairs.

For your visiting teams in Belgrade, eliminate the need to share studios with competing networks. Our logistics solutions will provide you with secure, professionally equipped facilities to allow your team to get on with the job efficiently, away from the prying eyes of competitors .

Media Services

Expert talent bookings
Connect your audience with expert talent for commentary, analysis and panel debates on matters of defense, security and international current affairs, for your news and current affairs broadcasting.

Content production
Content design and production of program segments and video bulletins of 5 to 8 minutes’ duration, for TV and online programming.

Themed programs
Design and production of documentary and discussion programs with interviews, panel debates, motion graphics and reports from the field, either to your pre- scribed format or our own original production.

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