Video & Film Production

Eagle Space Group is proud to support efforts implemented by Ivo Andric Society to support production of King Peter’s Socks project filmed by Zillion Film.

The project is about filming a movie about epic episode in the history of Europe and Serbian state and nation in it, during the World War One.

The producer Lazar Ristovski has said the following about the project:

A whole century after the great suffering and even greater victory, we have the opportunity to tell a Great story about the Great War. The obligation of our generation is to preserve form oblivion the times and heroism of our ancestors and pass it on to the youth. A feature film has that power to communicate the spirit of the times and important events, to bring it right out from the museum archives into the lives of a great number of people. I am certain that this film will raise the sense of national pride and take it to a higher level in the youth who, in the times of overall globalization, lost the sense of national affiliation and pride. Like 100 years ago, when alliance and solidarity paved the way of European unity, a film alliance was necessary. With Greek, French and Russian friends and co-producers, we are on the path to create a film that will be worthy to mark the great historical anniversary.

More information about the project you can access here .

Media release issued by Ivo Andric Society about its support to the project is available available here .

Please contact us directly if you would like to support production of this project so we could assist you.