Defence & Security Projects

Eagle Space Group provided the Communications, ICT Infrastructure and Defence Procurement Services for the complete range of defence projects.

Eagle Space Group has a pool of capable manufacturers and resources to supply the Australian Defence Industry and the ADF operations in Australia and globally with human capital, components, facilities, equipment and material.

    Eagle Space Group provided specialised services to deliver and implement defence projects supporting:
  • - Royal Australian Air Force
  • - Australian Army
  • - Joint Capability Projects – Australian Department of Defence
  • - Domestic and global ICT infrastructure - Australian Department of Defence
Eagle Space Group implements defence projects in collaboration with other industry partners and has a pool of suppliers providing equipment and materiel for all domains of modern warfare (land, see, air, space and siber).
In line with this Eagle Space Group has established a long term business relationship with company Yugoimport SDPR as their Consultant for the Australian market and has developed their catalogueс for the market.
Yugoimport-Small Arms- Brochure - Australia
Yugoimport-COTS-Small Arms- Brochure - Australia